RDTJ - Roundeye's Duct Tape Jukebox!

What is the RDTJ?

RDTJ (Roundeye's Duct Tape Jukebox) is a web-controlled jukebox system for use with computers capable of playing MP3's. It is being developed on and for Linux systems, but the system should work on other *nix-like systems (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc.). It uses PHP for the web interface, MySQL for the database engine, Perl for the back-end player, and mpg123 to play the mp3 files.

Who is Roundeye?

Just some schlep who likes Linux, music, and assorted other nonsense. He's got a web page over at roundeye.net.

He's also running his own RDTJ jukebox (Be nice and remember I've got your IP address). He's been having hardware troubles of late, so his jukebox may be down, but he's now running trac so you can access the rdtj subversion repository online.

Can I buy a vowel, Pat?

No. Now shut up and look at the pictures.



The first 0.5 pre-release is available for download. The big feature is highly configurable access controls on all of the front-end features. No more l4m3r5 playing your jukebox in the middle of the night.


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